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We are co-led by multilingual, expert practitioners from Cambodia and six other countries. We provide a sensitive initial assessment and ongoing support, through a combination of therapy and mindfulness based on each client's unique needs and including any necessary specialist support around trauma, grief, GSRD, or addiction.
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The Beekeeper offers a number of integrated wellness services in addition to therapy, including yoga, singing bowls and meditation. We currently offer Khmer, English and Spanish language support to adults, adolescents and children. In the unlikely event we feel we are unable to help you, we will work with you to find the right support and refer you to a trusted partner.

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Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by life, are in crisis, struggling with grief, addiction, or just feel you need to talk to someone who truly listens to you, we will help you find the support you need. Although we have centres in Cambodia and Thailand, we provide a wide range of mental health services to clients from all over the world through online support.

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The Beekeeper aims to share our knowledge with a wider global audience by releasing regular articles under a health and wellbeing category. These articles focus on lessons from our work, such as using a mind-body approach. There are also practical articles written to support you as you navigate through life.

Introducing The Beekeeper


The Beekeeper is an independent mental health clinic and wellbeing centre in Phnom Penh that practices, and promotes, the bringing together of contemporary Western evidence based theory with Eastern philosophical approaches in order to achieve powerful and positive outcomes for our clients.

Therapy and Counselling

We offer interdisciplinary therapy services for a wide range of issues, whether they be for change of life concerns, complex mental health issues or specialist areas of work. Our qualified practitioners tailor their support to your needs and are trained across a continuum of care and support.

Integrative Practices

Integrative practices is a healing-oriented approach that takes account of the whole person. It emphasises the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and the client, it is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies. This includes sound healing, yoga, meditation and other practices.

Integrated Programmes

We believe in taking a more complete approach working with both the mind and body. This is sometimes referred to as a mind-body approach.  We use ancient Eastern approaches and combine them with modern Western theoretical perspectives and draw them together to enable and create more positive outcomes for clients.

Our Little Bees Programme

In Honour of Laura Knight

At the spiritual heart of The Beekeeper is our Little Bees Programme, designed in honour of Laura Knight, who had a profound belief that all children deserve love, happiness, care, and expert support if exposed to trauma. Qualified, professional counselling for children is not widely available in Cambodia, and greatly needed.

We Listen to 
the Science
the Experts

Evidence to support the power of Eastern healing practices ranges from anecdotal, to expert opinion, and hard science provided to us via countless peer reviewed studies

Qualified Professionals
115 Years'
Combined Experience
280 +
Clients Helped

Did You Know?

“Yoga’s positive benefits on mental health have made it an important practice tool of psychotherapy”

-American Psychological Association

Rest Assured, The Beekeeper is Equipped to Deal with Complex Issues

Our fully qualified practitioners are able to provide specialist support around trauma, grief, GSRD, and addiction. With expert practitioners from different countries, we will be able to find someone who speaks your language literally and metaphorically.

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