FAQs on Transformation Coaching

By Piny Ly, Transformation Coach


1. What is Transformation Coaching?

Transformation Coaching is the process of partnering with someone to help them make deep changes in their lives that help them grow and develop. This involves taking a holistic look at your life including work/career, family, lifestyle, relationships, finances, beliefs, mindset and emotional wellbeing. In doing so, the aim is to help clients make changes at their core. You’ll look at why you are a certain way instead of believing that’s just who you are. When you do, you’ll be able to experience life in a more helpful way and become more empowered to go after what you truly want.


2. What is the difference between life coaching and transformation coaching?

They are similar but their methods and area of focus are different. Life coaches improve what you do. They can include business coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, relationship coaches, health and wellness coaches and even divorce coaches. They help you identify an area or areas of your life that you’d like to work on. Then help you set a plan to achieve it, and hold you to it while suggesting tools and strategies as they guide you.

Transformation coaches improve who you are. They will work with you on your mindset and beliefs, helping you through self-discovery. Clients are encouraged to find the answers themselves, and reframe their thinking. For example, let’s consider someone who has been laid off or made redundant. A career coach might help them to find another attractive job as soon as possible. However, a transformation coach would help them work on their mindset and see it as an opportunity for taking some time for self-care, considering different options, growth and personal development before deciding on their next path.


3. What is the difference between consulting, mentoring, therapy and coaching?

Consulting involves giving advice based on their experience or what has worked in the past. A consultant often makes assessments and recommendations and “works” for the client.

Mentoring is similar to consulting as it involves giving advice and suggestions, based on their own personal and professional experience. They may also help with networking.

Therapy aims to heal pain, suffering, conflict and dysfunction within an individual or relationships. It focuses on resolving the past and problems that hinder someone’s function in the present. A therapist is an expert at helping to improve your overall psychological wellbeing.

Coaching focuses on the present and the future. Coaching doesn’t involve giving advice but asking questions to help you figure out the answer yourself. It assumes that clients can find their own solutions. Coaching helps you to take accountability for your action plans.

Understanding the differences will help you choose which one is right for you.


4. What are the benefits of transformation coaching?

Long lasting and sustainable changes in your life. An “improved” version of you. An opportunity to really discover yourself, your talents, dreams, fears and beliefs and how they shape how you show up in the world. You’ll discover what you’d really love to achieve in your life and take the steps to get there. Create your own definition of success and be more empowered to make decisions in your life. Have more clarity and confidence.


5.  Is transformation coaching for me?

Transformation coaching can be intense, but well worth it if you are someone who:

  • is ready to invest in your own personal development
  • is willing to change and take responsibility for those changes
  • is open minded and curious
  • understands that deep change takes time and is not about quick fixes
  • believes that you are capable of more and wants more

6. How do I find out more?

Please contact us to book a free 30 minute discovery call with Piny Ly, our Transformation Coach.

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